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Have you wondered how you will continue to live at home as you age? Who will provide care when it’s needed and how expensive will it be to remain at home? Chat with our Membership Consultant to learn more about how a Continuing Care at Home program like Navigation can be your guide to securing your future at home. During this consultation, you will receive answers to questions like:

  • What exactly is Continuing Care at Home (CCaH)?
  • What are the benefits of joining a Continuing Care at Home program?
  • What does Continuing Care at Home provide older adults that they can’t receive elsewhere?

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Evaluating your long-term care options requires thought and consideration. Take advantage of the resources below to learn more about the benefits of Navigation at Home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why join Navigation at Home today?

If you have had any sleepless nights worrying about how you will age at home or if it is even possible, Navigation at Home is here to set your mind at ease. It is possible with advance planning. Though some seniors wait too long and become medically ineligible to join, you’ll receive the maximum benefit by moving forward now to take advantage of the security it offers to age at home successfully. With your assets protected and your long-term care planned and paid for, you will enjoy peace of mind so you can focus on living a healthy and active lifestyle now focusing on the activities and people you love.

The membership process starts with an application. You are eligible to apply if you are 62 and older, healthy, and are living independently within the Triad area. Qualification is determined after a financial review and medical assessment. A Care Navigator evaluates gait, balance, memory, and cognition and reviews medical records in order to make a recommendation to our admissions committee. This committee, which includes a board-certified geriatrician, makes a final assessment regarding membership. Once admitted, you will pay a one-time membership investment based on your age and the plan chosen and a monthly-fee will be assessed based on the plan type selected. Members who maintain their medical insurance are eligible for life.

During a health event, the stress you are under can be overwhelming. Trying to coordinate care at that time is an added stressor that Navigation at Home takes on for you. Investing in a plan today when you are well and healthy, long before you ever need it, allows you to continue enjoying your life without worrying about long-term care. You and your loved ones have the peace of mind that both the dollars and the plans are already in place to avoid making last minute decisions in a crisis. Though plenty of members have adult children who could coordinate their care, many prefer not to burden their children with their care or blur the lines of those cherished relationships.

Today, skilled nursing in our community costs an average of over $6K per month, with costs for care increasing annually. It is nearly impossible to determine how expensive care will be in the future. Most long-term care costs are not covered by health insurance or Medicare and many families experience financial hardships when services are needed. Navigation allows members to pay for a lifetime of care now at a fraction of the pay-as-you-go rate in the future.

If you already have a long-term care (LTC) insurance policy, Navigation at Home would, in essence, wrap around your LTC insurance policy and fill in any gaps of services. Additionally, we offer a plan with a discounted rate based on your LTC policy. We are happy to provide an obligation-free review of your current LTC policy to compare it to the benefits you receive with Navigation at Home.

Though there are daily caps for some services, all Navigation at Home plans offer a lifetime of benefits, unlike what most long-term care (LTC) insurance policies offer. Membership costs are tax deductible as a pre-paid medical expense and members make fixed payments in today’s dollars for long-term care as opposed to inflated costs in the future. With a lifetime of benefits, our members often share that the best benefit of the program is the peace of mind they experience when they join.

There are five membership plans available. Our plans are flexible and designed to consider factors like your budget, whether or not you already have long-term care insurance, and whether you plan to eventually move into Salemtowne’s Life Plan Community. Our membership consultant is always available to discuss what plan might be the best fit for you. Our goal is to ensure you choose a plan where you only pay for the services you need, never for ones provided through an alternative policy.

Care is always coordinated through a local Care Navigator, your personal advocate. Our members develop close relationships with their Care Navigator, starting the day they join the program. We concentrate on quality of care, quality of life, and giving our members the ability to thrive in their own home for as long as they wish. When care is needed, our members make one call to their Care Navigator to coordinate services based on our members’ wishes. Though we provide guidance, all care decisions are ultimately made by the member receiving care. Care services are provided through our network of screened and approved service providers. Most of the services put into place by your Care Navigator are paid for through your membership, depending on the plan type you choose. Should you develop the need for out-of-home services like assisted living or skilled nursing, your Care Navigator will arrange that for you as well.

Navigation at Home is a proactive and holistic approach to aging. There is no other program quite like it. In addition to providing support for you while you are well, we are just a phone call away when you are not. You no longer have to worry about what you will do if an unforeseen health event occurs. Your independence, privacy, and dignity are preserved, not just now, but for a lifetime.

Navigation at Home is a division of Salemtowne Retirement Community and sponsors the Navigation at Home program. Salemtowne is a nonprofit organization rooted in Moravian values and supports providing senior care options for all in the Triad area. Whether older adults prefer to live at home or in a community, Salemtowne applies its vision for fostering independence, security, wellness, and the growth of all seniors in central North Carolina. Navigation members benefit from Salemtowne’s legacy of 50 years of experience serving older adults and is committed to our members’ spirit of individuality and independence.

Navigation at Home is a membership-based program that provides asset protection, care coordination, and high-quality care when needed. Navigation enables you to pay in advance for long-term care at a fixed rate rather than spending your hard-earned assets at a costly pay-as-you-go rate later. When care is needed, your personal Care Navigator will coordinate the logistics on your behalf. Our program will cover the costs of bringing care into your home so you can be comfortable in your own surroundings. Should you ever need assisted living or skilled nursing outside your home, we will arrange and cover costs for that as well, depending on your membership type.

Navigation at Home is a nonprofit Continuing Care at Home program, licensed by the North Carolina Department of Insurance. This program is designed for older, healthy, and independent adults who want to live at home as they age. This program is similar to long-term care insurance, though it offers much more.

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Our membership consultant is always available for a one-on-one conversation. We are happy to share our plan types and costs. We can also review your long-term care policy and identify strengths or gaps in your coverage. Please call us today at 336-714-6848 to schedule an appointment or use the form below to share your contact information. Someone will be in touch to arrange a time to connect with you.

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